How to boost important keywords

Today’s daily SEO tip is about boosting your main keywords that have had a negative trend recently or are getting good visibility but not enough clicks.

Today I was asked to look at boosting the performance of two specific keywords that are quite important to a customer. Firstly, I started by looking at the SERP for these terms in incognito mode. This gave me a good idea of what the pages that are performing well are doing.

Putting the keyword first in meta data

I noticed that the main pages for each of these terms didn’t contain a phrase match for the specific keywords in the meta data, so that’s an easy win updating the Title tag and putting the keyword at the start.

Keyword anchor text

There were also no internal links on these pages using the keyword as anchor text. This helps imply more importance to a word or phrase to Google. I also looked for these terms used throughout the site to add more internal links pointing back to the main pages.

I recommended some supplementary content be created based on “People also ask” questions on the SERPs to help support the site’s overall importance on this topic, increasing the internal authority of the term with more internal links.

people also ask content ideas for seo long tail keywords

You can also use tools like SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool to get ideas on what questions people are asking.

Simple updates that we’ll monitor over the coming weeks and report back to the client on any improvements using our Google Data Studio report.

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