Really Cool Thing

URL: https://www.reallycoolthing.com/

This is a work project. A site we created to enable us a playground to test all things SEO and even more.

Fried Egg

URL: https://www.friedegg.co.uk/

I created a subreddit for fried eggs and got over 100 subscribers without any effort. The internet is a wonderful place. The site is small at the moment, but the plan is to turn this wonderful domain into the go-to place for all things Egg! Ironically something I’m allergic too.

Steve Gallacher

URL: https://www.stevegallacher.co.uk/

In honour of a friend of mine who passed away, I created this little site with some useful links and donate buttons to suicide prevention charities.

The Kendama Hub

URL: https://www.thekendamahub.com/

A project with a friend who is a Kendama enthusiast. A Kendama is a traditional Japanese skill toy and has a growing audience in the UK and Europe. The site was developed using WooCommerce to sell merchandise and help run competitions and giveaways.

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