Really Cool Thing

URL: https://www.reallycoolthing.com/

This is a work project. A site we created to enable us a playground to test all things SEO and even more.

Fried Egg

URL: https://www.friedegg.co.uk/

I created a subreddit for fried eggs and got over 100 subscribers without any effort. The internet is a wonderful place. This website remains a splash page at the moment, but the plan is to turn this wonderful domain into the go-to place for all things Egg! Ironically something I’m allergic too.

Labrador Expert

URL: https://www.labradorexpert.co.uk/

This an Amazon affiliate project website, which I obviously don’t have any time to work on. This was inspired by my very own chocolate Labrador, Bruno. Disclaimer, Bruno is not one of the dogs on site, unfortunately.