I am an SEO consultant, currently working for Vertical Leap, splitting my time in the enterprise SEO team and Performance UX team. My current portfolio spans across many customers in all sorts of industrues including eCommerce to supporting article sites. I also support the wider team on many more, including;

  • Online Education SEO
  • Hardware & Equipment SEO
  • Financial Services SEO
  • Leisure and Hospitality SEO
  • Construction & Property SEO
  • Retail SEO

I have contributed to and written blogs for Vertical Leap such as Can Data Predict The World Cup Winner?, 17 easily-actionable SEO tips you need to know and most recently Getting your structured data right is key to successful SEO.

I focus on the detail and find SEO opportunities that often get overlooked. I believe in a strong technical foundation and have also began exploring more into the field of data science and analysis to support overall digital marketing strategies for businesses.